7 of the Best Irish Creams That Aren’t Baileys

Irish Creams The whistler and Merrys in on image

With a 90-point score from Wine Enthusiast, the Whistler Irish Cream is silky and rich, with hints of milk chocolate, vanilla, and a finish of whiskey spice. Made with Whistler Irish whiskey from the Cooney family’s Boann Distillery in Ireland’s Boyne Valley, Whistler Irish Cream is the first in the world to be made with single pot still Irish whiskey, which is combined with Irish cream from grass-fed cows, and is 19 percent alcohol by volume.

For those who like the various flavors that Baileys offers, consider Merrys. Produced in Clonmel, County Tipperary, Merrys comes in flavors like salted caramel, toffee buttermint pumpkin spice, strawberry, and white chocolate—as well as original, which has hints of caramel and vanilla.

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