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Windsor Canadian

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Windsor Canadian

A light, delicately flavored whisky, Windsor® Canadian is Canada’s smoothest. Windsor is made from cereal grains grown near Calgary, Alberta, combined with the pure, clear glacial stream water of Western Canada and aged in the dry, mile-high Canadian Rocky Mountains.

01 Blended Canadian Whisky
02 Black Cherry Canadian Whisky
Blended Canadian Whisky

Windsor Canadian Whisky

A light, delicately flavored whisky. Windsor is bright gold in color with a fruity aroma and packed with peppery spice, and a light caramel and dry vanilla finish. WINDSOR exhibits higher rye notes than any of the leading competitors.

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Black Cherry Canadian Whisky

Black Cherry Canadian Whisky

Prominent black cherry aromas with rich black cherry flavors and a smooth whisky body with a sweet finish.

Available in various sizes.


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